Stand There! She Shouted: The Invincible Photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, by Susan Goldman Rubin, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline; Candlewick Books, $16.99, 74 pages, ages 12 and up.

Born in India, raised by her grandmother in France, married at age twenty-two to a man nearly double her age, Julia Margaret Cameron defied the odds to become one of the most prolific photographers of the Victorian era. Veteran children’s book author Susan Rubin (Andy Warhol: Pop-up Painter; Edward Hopper; Painter of Light and Shadow) has crafted another outstanding biography of a globally admired artist.  Cameron didn’t touch a camera until almost she was fifty years old, and her unorthodox technique for taking portraits became her hallmark for which she is recognized as one of the greatest photographic portraitists ever.  Rubin’s fascinating biography is accompanied by Bagram Ibatoulline’s sumptuous acrylic paintings, evoking a world full of excitement and adventure. Several of Cameron’s portraits are interspersed throughout the text as well. Complete with bibliography and a list of museums displaying the photographer’s work, Stand There! is an eloquent testament to a pioneer’s life behind the lens.   

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