Peace is an Offering, by Annette le Box, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin; Dial Books, $16.99, 32 pages, ages  3-6. (March 2015)

Award-winning author Annette le Box makes a peace offering in her seventh book for children with a deceptively simple poem that spreads the message of attainable and shareable peace. Uncomplicated themes appear in the form of birthday party invitations and sharing a great joke with a friend. Le Box demonstrates that peace comes through sharing time, patience and kindness, especially when loved ones are gone. Le Box manages to evoke 9/11 in a touching scene where she writes “And even in the wake of tragedy, even then, you might find her. In the rubble of a fallen tower. In the sorrow of your darkest hour.” Adults will understand the reference even if children don’t, especially with Stephanie Graegin’s pencil and watercolor illustration of a family sitting on a park bench looking out on New York City.  This volume’s sweet words nurture tender seeds of love and friendship, showing what wonderful fruits kindness can bear.

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