The Noisy Clock Shop by Jean Horton Berg, illus. by Art Seiden. G&D Vintage, $7.99
My ABC Book
, illus. by Art Seiden. G&D Vintage, $7.99
The Too Little Fire Engine
by Jane Flory. G&D Vintage, $7.99
All: ages 3-5. 

Grosset & Dunlap, the original publishers of the iconic Dick and Jane series, just reissued four of its classic mid-century children’s picture books in a bid to reach a new genearaion of readers yet to discover these adorable titles. The publishing house has over 200 similiar out of print books hailing from its Wonder Books imprint. (G&D plans to release four more later this year.) These titles are prime examples of books published during the era many in the industry call the ‘Golden Age’ of children’s book publishing.  Many artistic flourishes that appear in these books no doubt provide inspiration to today’s crop of illustrators. While G&D changed little from the original editions, savvy readers will notice that these reissues are slightly larger than the original Wonder Books.  None of the books have lost their charm with age, and young children will delight in the stories much as their grandparents did almost sixty years ago.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of these treasures in 2015, which are also a real bargain at $7.99 each.

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