Hope Never Dies: A Q&A with Obama-Biden Mystery Writer Andrew Shaffer

It’s August. It’s hot. Perhaps you’ve already got kids back in school. Perhaps you’re still at the beach. Whatever you’re doing, it’s still officially summer, which means you’re entitled to enjoy a frothy, kicky, beach-appropriate book whether you’re seaside or stuck at work. Andrew Schaffer’s latest adventure, Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery, checks allContinue reading “Hope Never Dies: A Q&A with Obama-Biden Mystery Writer Andrew Shaffer”

Paperbacks from Hell

New from Quirk Books is an account of the world of horror pulp fiction of the 1970s and ’80s. Author and horror historian Grady Hendrix (Horrorstör, My Best Friend’s Exorcism) traces the unexpected success of Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby, Thomas Tryon’s The Other, and William Blatty’s The Exorcist–three nightmare novels that became bestsellers and spawned two decades of provocative horrorContinue reading “Paperbacks from Hell”

Q&A with Warren the 13th Creators Will Staehle and Tania del Rio

Warren is an unusual protagonist: squat with bulging eyes, he doesn’t make the cutest first impression. He’s the homely heir to a family hotel in a forest full of witches, talking trees, and other fantastical beasts. But what he lacks in looks Warren makes up for in charm and wit, much to the delight of hisContinue reading “Q&A with Warren the 13th Creators Will Staehle and Tania del Rio”

Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents, by David Stabler, illustrated by Doogie Horner; Quirk Books, $13.99, 224 pages, ages 7-10. Celebrate Presidents’ Day with this thoroughly enjoyable nonfiction examination of America’s presidents before they grew up. Stabler continues his exploration of popular history (Secret Lives of the Supreme Court; Secret Lives ofContinue reading

Madeleines: Elegant French Tea Cakes To Bake & Share, by Barbara Feldman Morse; Quirk Books, $19.95, 176 pages. Everyone’s either read or read about that famous passage in Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu where the narrator, upon accepting his mother’s invitation to take tea and enjoy a scallop-shaped pastry, is suddenly andContinue reading

Nick and Tesla’s Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove: A Mystery with a Blinking, Beeping, Voice-Recording Gadget Glove You Can Build Yourself, by Bob Pflugfelder and Steven Hockensmith, illustrated by Steve Garrett; Quirk Books, $12.95,  272 pages, ages 9 to 12. (Publication: October 7, 2014) During a phone conversation late this spring, ‘Science Bob’ Pflugfelder  enthusiasticly explained  thatContinue reading

Photo and Recipe Reprinted with permission from Quirk Books  This delicious drink, made with Nutella as its base, is a sophisticated take on a childhood staple.   Nutella Melt A steamy treat with hints of hazelnutServes 4 Nutella, the addictive hazelnut-chocolate spread, melts effortlessly into milk and gets a wink and smile from hazelnut liqueur.Continue reading