Love Me, Love My Dog

From Wolf to Woof! by Hudson Talbott; Nancy Paulsen Books; $16.99, 32 pages, ages 4-7.

Long before Labradoodles and
Schnauzers, wolves roamed the Earth, and they were not man’s best friend. Slowly, some wolves befriended humans, and a beautiful relationship blossomed. Here, in Hudson Talbott’s latest picture book, a prehistoric orphan boy and a lonely wolf pup slowly warm to each other, ultimately forging a bond that leads to the creation of a team of fellow misfits and outcasts whose tribe eventually dominates those without wolves. The relationship survives
millennia, and now over 400 species of domesticated dogs have been bred for hunting, herding, rescuing, and even just cuddling.

Talbott’s ability to synthesize massive amounts of data into an age-appropriate text are nicely matched by his lively watercolors. A bibliography and resources on how to help current wolf populations make this book a howling success. 

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