For the past two decades, Robert Lawrence Stine (better known as R.L to fans) has written over 300 books full of terrifying tales of goblins and ghosts and shows no signs of slowing down. This year Stine wrote his autobiography called It Came From Ohio: My Life As a Writer (Scholastic Books, $6.99), aimed squarely at his target audience. The author covers everything, from his early years as a clarinet-playing youngster to his experience as a substitute teacher to how he keeps coming up with new stories.  Black-and-white snaps of Stine through the years (including the obligatory Bar Mitzvah shot) will no doubt enthrall fans. The book coincides with the recent release of a film adaptation of Stine’s life called ‘Goosebumps’ and stars Jack Black as the author.  In an interview this past Sunday with NPR’s Michel Martin, Stine reflected on what he hopes his legacy will be. “I guess on my tombstone – he got boys to read,“ he responded.  With 400 million books in print, that sounds like a frightfully sure bet.

(Listen to Michel Martin interview R.L. Stine here)

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