Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body (National Geographic Kids), by Christina Wilsdon, Patricia Daniels, and Jen Agresta; National Geographic, $24.99 272 pages, ages 7-13. (October 2014)

Human biology gets a colorful update in this latest encyclopedia from National Geographic Kids. This child-friendly guidebook explores all the various ways  humans are unique. Ten chapters cover everything from our collective genetic history to what the future holds for the human body.

Parents familiar with the National Geographic Kids Magazine will recognize the format, and it works: Each page is full of clear, age-appropriate information and accompanied by vivid, supersize images interspersed with interesting factoids (how to make ‘brain freeze’ go away and why our skin wrinkles in the tub are a few examples). The book manages to be clear and lively while still presenting scientific information. Thirty pages of body atlases, glossary, and further resources round everything out. Keep this book handy when children begin studying human biology at school – it’s aligned with various Common Core State Standards for grades 2 through 6.

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