THE STORY OF BUILDINGS. Copyright © 2014  by Patrick Dillon and Stephen Biesty. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.

“The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond,” by Patrick Dillon, illustrated by Stephen Biesty; Candlewick Press, $19.99, 96 pages, ages 9-13. 

From the Pyramids to an otherwise unremarkable apartment building, wonderment awaits readers in this oversize volume dedicated to the remarkable achievement of erecting massive structures.  Architect Patrick Dillon explores the human desire to reach for the heavens by using stone, mortar, and ingenuity. Perfectionists, or actual draftsmen, will lament the lack of an index or bibliography, but young readers will likely forgive that transgression thanks to the fantastic art. Stephen Bietsy’s illustrations are as grand as the structures he depicts – some gloriously spill onto gatefolds in minuscule detail, allowing for prolonged examination of windows, doors and columns.  Budding architects will find inspiration in Bietsy’s work to plan their own museums, temples, and skyscrapers.

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