AGAIN! Reproduced with permission from the publisher Simon & Schuster. 

“Again!” by Emily Gravett; Simon & Schuster, $17.99, 32 pages, ages 4-6.

Here we have a great example of why physical children’s books still have an edge over their digital counterparts. In this story, Cedric the dragon prepares for bedtime, which also means mama dragon will read his favorite bedtime story.  As the title aptly suggests, the evening tale is read over and over, even as his very patient and accommodating mother starts to doze off. As a result, Cedric transforms from an almost angelic looking creature into a fire-breathing fiend. Dragons aren’t known for their patience, and Cedric demonstrates his lack of this particular quality with an ending that is sure to enthrall young children. (Without giving it away, this is where the paper copy triumphs over the e-version.) Fans of Emily Gravett’s award-winning illustrations will be happy to see that she has stayed true to her style – simple, engaging drawings that pop off white backgrounds. Readers will recognize Gravett’s work from her other award winning titles such as Wolves and The Odd Egg.

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