@lonelyplanet We’ll Always Have Pop-Ups Pop-Up Paris, by Andy Mansfield; Lonely Planet Kids, $9.99, 8 pages, ages 3-6. When readers can’t travel, well-crafted pop-ups offer wonderful opportunities to learn about the world around them. Lonely Planet Kids, an imprint of parent company Lonely Planet, recently launched three children’s pop-up books to coincide with its lineContinue reading

@HMHCo A Whale of a Tale A Whale in the Bathtub, by Kylie Westaway, illustrated by Tom Jellett; Clarion Books, $16.99, 32 pages, ages 3-6. Little Bruno has cried wolf (or in this case, walrus), one time too many regarding bathtime impediments. But now, there really is something in the tub; a huge blue whaleContinue reading