Interview with Fulvio Testa

literarykids: Interview on November 11 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria NYC Introduction to “Pinocchio” by Umberto Eco, “…it’s not even a fairy tale, since it lacks the fairy tale’s indifference to everyday reality and doesn’t limit itself to one simple basic moral, but rather deals with many.”         On Veteran’s Day a coupleContinue reading “Interview with Fulvio Testa”

literarykids: image©2011 Karina Schaapman, photo by Ton Bouwer. Reproduced with permission from Dial Books. The Mouse Mansion, written and created by Karina Schaapman, photographed by Ton Bouwer; Dial Books, $18.99, 60 pages ages 5-8. Usually when there’s a mouse in the house, the human inhabitants run for the hills. Here, debut children’s book author KarinaContinue reading

I Am Henry Finch

literarykids: I am Henry Finch, by Alexis Deacon, illustrations by Viviane Schwarz; Candlewick Press, $16.99, 40 pages, ages 3-6. Henry Finch knows he’s destined for greatness, but until now, all he’s done in life is flutter from tree to tree, outwitting the hungry beast who prowls below. One day Henry has enough of the lubmeringContinue reading “I Am Henry Finch”

literarykids: Nicole Claire reviews her favorite recently published books that will help chase away the winter blues! Nicole Basbanes Claire is our #TBThursday, sharing her favorites from 2015!

literarykids:  Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey, by Nick Bertozzi; First Second Books, $16.99, 128 pages, ages 12-18. (Publication date: June 17, 2014) Amateur and professional explorers worldwide will mark the centennial of Ernest Shackelton’s ill-fated yet miraculous voyage to the Antarctic this year. Entire documentaries and symposiums are devoted to understanding how the entire crew survived inContinue reading

literarykids: Daylight Starlight Wildlife, by Wendell Minor; Nancy Paulsen Books, $17.99, ages 3-6. Summer is the perfect time to get children acquainted with nature, so be sure to bring this book along on your journeys. Wendell Minor has spent a lifetime painting the great outdoors, and his art has graced the covers of work byContinue reading

Missing Fred Marcellino

 @FredMarcellino @harpercollinschildrens I’m reading The Wainscott Weasel to my daughter at bedtime. Tor Seidler’s rhythmic storytelling and Fred Marcellino’s graceful illustrations are so totally in tune with each other, it’s worth taking off the shelf if you haven’t read it in a while. Stellar pacing and expressive illustration, this is a prime example of wordsContinue reading “Missing Fred Marcellino”

literarykids: Toad Weather, by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez; Peachtree Publishers, $16.95, 32 pages, ages 4-7. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs. In Philadelphia, it rains toads. Actually, the wet weather brings about the annual vernal toad migration, and on one particularly rainy March day little Ally and her family head out into theContinue reading