Hope Never Dies: A Q&A with Obama-Biden Mystery Writer Andrew Shaffer

It’s August. It’s hot. Perhaps you’ve already got kids back in school. Perhaps you’re still at the beach. Whatever you’re doing, it’s still officially summer, which means you’re entitled to enjoy a frothy, kicky, beach-appropriate book whether you’re seaside or stuck at work. Andrew Schaffer’s latest adventure, Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery, checks allContinue reading “Hope Never Dies: A Q&A with Obama-Biden Mystery Writer Andrew Shaffer”

Magpie Murders

Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz, Harper; $27.99, 464 pages. Looking for a sophisticated whodunnit to read during the dog days of summer? British screenwriter Anthony Horowitz has you covered with Magpie Murders, a two-in-one murder mystery. A book within a book, part one is called Magpie Murders, a classic crime caper written by a contemporary fictional novelist,Continue reading “Magpie Murders”