Final Installment–Q&A with Jim Arnosky

In this last chapter of our conversation with Jim Arnosky, we talk about the author’s favorite animals, Frozen Wild, climate change, and giving nature a chance. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this series. It was a great pleasure to speak with Arnosky, and I hope his words provide value to budding artists everywhere. Continue reading “Final Installment–Q&A with Jim Arnosky”

Q&A with Jim Arnosky, Part 2

In part one of my Q&A with children’s book author Jim Arnosky, we explored how he got his start in picture books as well as how he became a naturalist. Today, he shares his transition from cartooning to illustrating, the importance of great editors, and how his books take shape. Basbanes: What made you decideContinue reading “Q&A with Jim Arnosky, Part 2”

Q&A with Jim Arnosky Though prolific and beloved by educators and children, children’s book author and illustrator Jim Arnosky has rarely consented to interviews, preferring a walk in the woods over publicity tours. Yet I had the great pleasure of speaking with him for over an hour this fall about his life away from theContinue reading

Mid-week quick picks It’s a crazy time of year, and I have a feeling most of you have little time to spare for reading reviews right now, so I’ll get right to it: Herewith, a list of this week’s best books, for kids from one to 92. Enjoy! Miniature Treasures from Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House:Continue reading