“Titanic: A picture history of the shipwreck that shocked the world,” by Sean Callery; Scholastic Press, $15.99, 112 pages, ages 11-14.

If the most recent round of snowstorms have left you feeling high and dry, consider the poor souls who suffered on the ill-fated Titanic. The latest the latest installment in Scholastic’s Discover More series  explains the story of the glorious “ship of dreams” through a treasure-trove of pictures from the era.

The tragedy unfolds in pictures, starting with the details that made the Titanic such an exciting, luxurious ocean liner, to letters and pictures of survivors from the wreck. What really sets this and all of the books in the Discover More series ahead of the pack is the interactive component.  A digital companion book is accessible free with the book’s purchase (the access code is located inside the physical book) and features five survivors’ stories.  No new historical ground is uncovered here – Scholastic’s simply put together a great book for young history buffs interesting in learning about one of the world’s most famous disasters at sea.