“On Paper” Gets a Makeover

After the 2013 publication of Nick Basbanes’s On Paper, book artist Tim Elycalled the author and requested the unbound sheets of the book, just as they appeared off the press. Basbanes’s editor kindly obliged, and off On Paperwent to Washington State to Ely’s art studio where he forges one-of-a-kind, handmade books that have been compared to illuminated manuscripts for theirContinue reading ““On Paper” Gets a Makeover”

Master bookbinder Tim Ely’s elaborate art books are a sophisticated otherworldly mash-up of landscapes, diagrams, and architecture meant to inspire and provoke. The Snohomish, Washington, native has been making books for almost his entire life, finding inspiration on heaven and in earth, fusing science and art with paper and ink. Now, contemporary art bookbinding specialistContinue reading

@thebrucemuseum Wild Reading: Animals in Children’s Book Art From the Big Bad Wolf to the Frog Prince and Peter Rabbit, animals have long played central roles in children’s literature. Now the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut is exploring how and why artists highlight certain animal characteristics. Wild Reading: Animals in Children’s Book Art, which openedContinue reading