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New Biography on Bernard Rosenthal Makes the Case for Close Reading

In January, bookseller Bernard Rosenthal passed away in Oakland, California, at the age of 96. Fellow bookseller Ian Jackson recently wrote a biography on Rosenthal–read all about it at the Fine Books Blog.

(via Collectival: Writing Code That Sings to Antiquarians – The Fine Books Blog) During the depths of winter six months ago, Schubertiade Music & Arts co-founders Gabe Boyers and Drew Massey debuted a preview version of their web-based cataloging software at the California Antiquarian Book Fair. On August 15 the software, dubbedCollectival, became available to

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(via Eat Your Vegetables, Antiquarian-Style – The Fine Books Blog) In more civilized times, proponents of a meatless regime adhered to the “Pythagorean diet” championed by that Greek sixth century B.C. philosopher, who, in addition to figuring out the square of the hypotenuse, believed that all living beings had souls, and it was wrong to

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